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John is rooted in community. John fights for all of us.

Bring Federal Funding Back To Rhode Island

Bringing federal funding back to the people of Rhode Island will be a top priority for John. Together, we will fight for funding to maintain our broken state infrastructure, and fund community programs, neighborhood centers, public safety, and more. We need to ensure investments strengthen our economy and move our working class families forward.


As a product of Wheeler and the Providence public school system, John understands the importance of local education on the future success and well-being of Rhode Island residents. These difficult times have caused incredible uncertainty and presented innumerable challenges to the school systems, teachers, parents, and students alike. Everyone involved needs an equitable and protected educational system that provides sufficient support and structure pointed toward success. It is time to ensure that no policies reinforce socioeconomic inequality, or other issues that divide our communities and perpetuate inequity.

To improve education, John supports Universal Pre-K, Universal Childcare, and The Pay Teachers Act, which would triple Title I-A funding and raise annual teacher salaries to at least $60,000. John also supports expanding Pell Grants, and he supports Universal Paid Family and Parental Leave and legislation to end crippling student loan debt.

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Climate and Environmental Justice

Imagine a revitalized Rhode Island where all people have access to clean air and water, fresh, healthy food, safe homes, and accessible and attractive public sites. Imagine the state having ample housing and transportation that everyone can use fairly to access well-paying jobs, schools, and community spaces. This type of transformation leads to an overwhelming sense of security and belonging as pollution, poverty, and environmental injustice become nothing more than a sorrowful tale of the past.

John supports enacting the most aggressive climate legislation in our history and a federal Green New Deal, which was also co-sponsored by Congressman Cicilline. John supports all measures to fight climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and toxic emissions by levels necessary to remain under 1.5 ℃ of global warming, and creating millions of national green jobs in the process.

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Invest in Public Health & Healthcare

Rhode Island offers multiple highly regarded hospitals and medical centers at the forefront of the healthcare industry and innovation. However, world-class care does not adequately extend to every individual, family, or community. Already unbalanced and struggling, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the racial and socioeconomic gaps in healthcare access.

John supports the Medicare for All Act, which would establish universal health care through a single-payer system. He would also support a national paid sick days law or the Healthy Families Act of 2023.

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Housing & Housing Affordability

Local government with the support of federal government has many responsibilities to the people living in communities, but managing smart development projects with a focus on resiliency and equity tops the list. Currently, the decisions made about new development projects hide behind inaccessible and opaque discourse. A more transparent process improves accountability, prevents special interests and loopholes, and allows for a more effective and interactive discussion on true community benefits.

John supports the American Housing and Economic Mobility Act and The Housing Crisis Response Act of 2023, which would level the uneven American housing market playing field and ensure that ALL people, both renters and buyers, can access affordable housing.

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Jobs & Economic Justice

The success of Rhode Island and its people requires a strong commitment to economic justice that cannot falter during these difficult times affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The current and future economy depends on protecting labor rights, workplace safety, and sufficient wages to support a healthy and happy life.

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Women's & Reproductive Rights

We need to advocate tooth and nail for gender equality and also fight back when Republicans launch systemic attacks on reproductive rights. John ardently believes in reproductive healthcare and will work fiercely to repeal the Hyde Amendment, support the Women's Health Act, and ultimately fight for the federal codification of Roe v. Wade.

John also supports the Women's Health Protection Act, which would designate federal rights for abortion patients and providers alike and prevent abortion restrictions from being passed at the state level.


Seniors deserve our utmost support and John will put our seniors first by ensuring they get the resources, care, and support they deserve to live their lives to their fullest potential.

John supports the Social Security Expansion Act, which would increase Social Security benefits, improve access to Medicare programs, SNAP, and SSI for our most vulnerable seniors. He also supports increased investments in the Senior Community Service Employment Program, providing additional assistance (tax credits, paid medical leave) to caregivers, and investing in community-based health aging programs to help older adults maintain their independence.


Gone are the days that our veterans will be left behind. We must do everything that we can to honor the way our veterans have valiantly defended our country's values, and we owe our veterans a huge debt of gratitude. As such, let's invest in our veterans and military families and repay them for the sacrifices they've made for our country.

Small Business & the Economy

Developing a diverse economic base and a skilled workforce will make it easier for us to access quality jobs, goods, and services. We need to facilitate successful businesses, improve pathways to more jobs, higher wages, and facilitate the connection between residents and employers.

John supports the Raise the Wage Act of 2023 to dramatically increase the federal minimum wage. To expand workers rights and economic opportunity, John supports Universal Pre-K and Universal Childcare, creating good union paying jobs, Universal Paid Family and Parental Leave, and the PRO Act, which would expand protections for employees who want to organize, collectively bargain, and/or unionize in the workplace.

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As the son of immigrants, John believes that we must support our documented immigrants. This means we must work toward an America that repeals Trump's anti-immigrant policies and provides people with the opportunity to achieve citizenship. The American Families United Act and The American Dream and Promise Act are bills that John supports to improve federal government safeguards that will allow immigrants to live their lives with dignity.


John will fight to support the Equality Act, the Disarm Hate Act, and the Global Respect Act. We must ensure federal standards that end discrimination against the LGBTQIA2S+ community in housing, employment, and healthcare. John will carry forth Cicilline's mission to codify the Equality Act and be a strong and vocal proponent of the Equal Rights Amendment to put an end to discrimination based on gender.

Public Safety & Ending Gun Violence

Every neighborhood in Rhode Island can flourish if public safety becomes a priority across the state. Every resident deserves sufficient access to health services, youth development and educational opportunities, support for trauma, and anti-violence efforts on a community level. Public safety matters in schools, workplaces, and on the streets. Achieving these goals must involve a high degree of community trust and justice that focuses on restoring and rebuilding the communities most affected.

John is proud to have been named a 2023 Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate. This designation is personal to him. As a teacher, he is running for Congress to protect our younger generations from gun violence. John is grateful to have earned this designation.

Protect Our Democracy

We must safeguard our democracy from assault. Through federal legislation, we must ensure voting rights are protected and not suppressed, communities are not disenfranchised and put an end to propaganda pertaining to voter fraud. John is committed to automatic voter registration and a staunch advocate of the People Act and John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Additionally, we need federal legislation to abolish Citizens United once and for all.

Improve Quality of Life

Rhode Island is at a critical juncture in our history. To unite and move our state forward, we need bold and responsive leadership. Additionally, we need a clear vision and an unwavering commitment to turn our bold ideas into action. As someone who is deeply passionate about creating meaningful, sustainable change that benefits all of our residents, I've been committed to protecting and enhancing the quality of life in neighborhoods and improving services for residents all across the state.

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The people of Rhode Island deserve to have transportation and infrastructure that is multimodal, that is safe and well-designed, and that is accessible to all. Innovative green technologies should also be utilized to make the state prosper. As we plan for the future, we will take into consideration the needs of various users of infrastructure, such as pedestrians, families, children, seniors, bicyclists and those with disabilities.

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